Table Tennis

Table tennis is a fast moving, competitive and social activity which involves physical exercise, sustained attention and the development of visuospatial skills. It is becoming increasingly more accessible for those living with Alzheimer’s disease.

In a fraction of a second, your eyes check the ball leaving the opponent bat and send the information to your brain to move where the ball is. Then you have to check the spin, speed and finally send the ball back to the other side. The concentration and coordination involved, improve blood flow to the brain stimulating areas responsible for memory and concentration

Table tennis also improves hand-eye coordination, extend long-term memory, delay cognitive decline and enhance motor skills.

In those living with dementia and Alzheimer’s, the hippocampus is shown to be smaller, but table tennis has been shown to help with blood flow to the brain and stimulate that part of it. If the hippocampus is stimulated and therefore bigger, and not left to waste away, it can support the brain to hold back symptoms of Alzheimer’s for longer

Table tennis is a sport for everybody: kids, old, man, woman. You don’t need to be fit to play table tennis, everybody can play. Wanna give it a try?