Memory palace

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The idea behind Memory Palace is to create a place you know well and that brings you good memories and then populates with images of things you want to remember. The crazier, the more bizarre, funnier your scenario is, the more unforgettable it’s going to be.

It is important to establish an order of sequences. For example, you can think you are at your house and you are going to the shopping centre watch a movie. The sequence could be: bedroom, toilet, kitchen, living room, garage, street, shopping centre, cinema, candy area, food court. Once established this sequence, start to populate with things you want to remember.

You can create as many memory palaces you want to but it has to be a place you know well. At the end, you don’t want to memorize things over things you have to memorize. It doesn’t need necessary places you have been, it could be things you know well or because you know a movie or a book well. Eventually, you have to write down those places and sequences but as you get good at it, you will not need anymore.

Let’s go back that shopping list and see how can we apply Memory palace with that.

1. Tomato 6. Cookies
2. Milk 7. Bread
3. Apple 8. Pasta
4. Chicken 9. Butter
5. Salad 10. Shampoo


 Imagine you are in your bedroom and the floor is full of tomato and to go to the toilet you squeeze them.

 At the toilet and you pee milk.

 You go to the kitchen and you see a gigantic chicken with apples rounded by salad, that your mother is preparing for dinner.

 You go to the garage and your car is full of cookies your sister ate last night, you get angry.

  On the street start to rain bread. You are lucky because they are soft and will not damage your car. You pick some for later.

 You get to the shopping centre and to the candy bar but they are serving pasta.

 In the food court, you decide to eat only butter with the bread you got from the sky. you don’t want to get for the dinner.

 Your hands are full of butter and go to the toilet to wash with a shampoo.


If you want to train more. Check random word generator website and then tell me later your progress.


Final Considerations

Pegs and memory palaces are very similar. You are using a piece of information that you already know to remember another piece of information. You can sort of merge them together and create your own rule. The idea is to use images to construct what you want to memorize.

It seems Memory Palace is more widely used. Pegs are just single images linked together that you link things to it. With Memory Palaces, you basically navigate through places you built and collect information of each place you are visiting with images you added. If you are at the front door of your house, you can basically put anything you want to remember with an image. Pretty much all memory champions use memory palaces to remember things.


The point with all those memory techniques is: you don’t have to be able to memorize shopping lists or random words. They are only tricks. They work because they are based on the basic principle of how our brain works. You don’t have to build memory palaces all the time or memorizing a full deck of cards. Memory Palaces are only shortcuts. They work because they make you work. They force a kind of depth of processing. They force you to use the left and right side of your brain, your imagination and go to a deep a kind of mindfulness that most of us don’t normally exercise.