There are different techniques that can be used to improve brain capability. We mentioned some of them:

  • Stay physically and mentally healthy
  • Play table tennis
  • Socialize and be open to new experiences

One aspect I want to discuss is the techniques to boost your brain. There are some activities and puzzles you can be doing to improve your brain. Some of them include:

  • Play Chess, Cards and board games
  • Try to resolve Rubik Cube. There are thousands of algorithm teaching how to solve it. It is really fascinating to learn those techniques and impress your friends.
  • The jigsaw puzzle is an excellent game to keep your brain functioning well. It promotes attention do details, patience and the feeling of achievement


This website will concentrate on three different areas that involve memorization and logical thoughts. They will improve your memory, logical thinking and really boost your brain. They are:

  • Memorization Techniques: Learn how to memorize date of births, shopping list or random words easily. Be surprised how much your brain can “remember” things;


  •  Speed Reading: It is not just about reading faster. It’s about how to comprehend the information you are reading better and retain it longer. It’s the complete package and it excellent for your memory, help to keep the focus. You can think speed reading as an exercise. As with your muscles, if you exercise them regularly, you will get stronger. If you exercise your brain, it will get stronger as well. Imagine you are driving at 110 km/h on a highway and you cross the city and you have to change the speed to 60 km/h. The same analogy can be applied to speed reading. Once you learn some techniques, you will be able to read faster, comprehend better and keep the information longer in your brain.


  • Logic/Mathematics Puzzles: there are a lot of puzzles that will challenge your brain. It is fun to resolve them and they will really work out your brain