Benefits of having a healthy brain


There are a lot of benefits of having a healthy brain not just for elderly people but any group age. We all know that having a healthy brain can prevent dementia but have a trained brain can help to absorb information faster and better. You can have a better performance at school or work and engage good conversation with different kind of people. At the end, it benefits everyone.

Some of the benefits are:


  • Faster Thinking
    • faster thinking help us to make decisions and problem solving easier and quicker;
    • improve communication skills: having a fast brain become easier to understand what people want to say and also make easier to articulate words in a way everybody can understand;
    • improve your reflex: you can act quickly like in a car accident or catch an object falling. A quicker brain means a quicker body;
    • studies show that a trained brain speeds up the processing, so the average 70-year-old can achieve the speed of someone on their 40s.



  • Boost your memory
    • a trained brain increase the potential to memorise things better and quicker like numbers, names, people’s face, birthdays, words and events;
    • it helps to learn new things in less time;
    • improve your speed reading, comprehension and retention.



  • Get things done
    • there are a lot of things we deal every day: work, clean the house, pay bills, do the shopping, etc. Be organized and do things efficiently avoid upsets and free up more time to spend with your family and friends and avoid upsets.



  • Increase your Self-Confidence
    • to be able to speak better, express your ideas clearly or be able to communicate in a different language than yours can boost your self-confidence and open your world to new experiences;
    • prevent bullies: bullying is when someone hurts or scares another person repeatedly and intentionally. That includes: name calling, inflicting physical pain, exclusion, public humiliation, hurtful pranks, etc. Bullying involves an imbalance of power. Bullies usually pick on people that they think are weaker than they are, so stand up to them. Have a high self-confidence and what to do, it can be a good way to avoid bullying.



  • Avoid Depression
    • have a healthy brain also prevent depression: when you are depressed, stay focused, make decisions and think quickly can become challenging, even start a new day sometimes can be hard.