Welcome to ITraining101

Technology is everywhere and in a modern world and nowadays everyone needs to be able to operate a computer. Why spend hours searching in books when it can be done quickly on the Internet? Why carry heavy maps and get lost when navigation systems via connected devices are so easy to use?

ITraining101 was devised with the idea that information should be accessible to everyone, anywhere. Our courses are designed for those who want to learn basic and advanced computer skills or develop professional websites without spending large sums of money.

Network Security

For Advanced - xxxxx
$500 5-day course (M) 10-day course (E)
  • Edge security with firewall
  • Virtual private network for secure enterprise
  • Intrusion prevention system with pfSense
  • Windows server network security
  • Business continuity planning
  • Assess and manage risks


For Intermediates - Create high quality websites with WordPress.
$700 5-day course (M) 10-day course (E)
  • Understand Domain and Web Hosting
  • WordPress installation and configuration
  • Create pages, posts and homepages
  • Create a Contact Us page
  • Manage header, footer and menus
  • Learn about plugins and how to use them
  • Create an Image Gallery
  • Create an E-Commerce website

Google Drive and One Drive

For Beginners - Office Tools: use Google Drive and One Drive for free
$600 6-day course (M) 12-day course (E)
  • Create a Google and Microsoft account
  • Access Google Drive and One Drive from your account
  • Organise Folders and Files
  • Navigate the web interface and check the apps available
  • Learn how  to create Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations
  • Learn Google Email and Hotmail

HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery

For Advanced - Learn how to Create Websites, Newsletters and more.
$1500 10-day course (M) 20-day course (E)
  • HTML: what is HTML and its importance
  • Basic HTML syntax
  • How to use CSS to style your page and creating responsive websites
  • Understand Javascript and Jquery
  • Manipulating attributes
  • How to use JQuery UI
  • Parse elements in JQuery
  • How to use Ajax

Basic Computer Skills

For Beginners - An introduction in how to use computers.
$500 5-day course (M) 10-day course (E)
  • Understand hardware: memory, processor, devices, etc
  • Understand software: Operation System(OS), Programs and Drivers
  • Understand files, type and extensions
  • Understand how Programs and Applications work
  • Manage OS files and folders: create, delete and organise files
  • Understand browsers and how to use the Internet